James Stokes - Owner & Project Manager

James Stokes - Owner & Project Manager

Stokhaus Media, LLC is a boutique marketing and design studio owned and operated by James Stokes. We specialize in visual branding & strategy, online marketing, web & graphic design. Stokhaus is a modular studio which gives us the ability to scale our creative depending on the scope of the project. 

What do we do?

We help develop brands, foster online relationships, and enhance brand awareness. We are a collaborative group of independently contracted artists who work together to create marketing solutions for small businesses in Central & Northern Wisconsin. 

What is our mission?

We work and consult with small businesses, non-profits, and independent agents to help resolve issues related to their branding and marketing weaknesses. Our goal is work with a limited number of small businesses who are in need of web design & development, social media marketing strategies, personal branding refinement, media content, and an overall increased level of public awareness. We are committed to creating and implementing innovative media strategies for small businesses and service providers with niche markets in an evolving online marketplace. 

What is our vision?

Our strength is both in our diversification and specification of our creative team, as visual creatives and storytellers, we help to create and build an online presence through visual elements that best express our clients and their creative vision. We are passionate about developing an authentic voice for our clients that strongly communicates their intended message to their ideal clients. Our goal is to create engaging content that sparks a relationship and leads to customer loyalty and online conversions.