What Is the Mobile-First Index & Why Does it Matter?

What is mobile-first indexing?

When Google crawls a webpage to render and subsequently index it, it looks at it from two perspectives: that of a mobile device, and that of a desktop device. As more an more users are moving away from Desktops and towards mobile devices, it is impartitive that your design and overall UX is for mobile. Google cares and so will your traffic.

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Marketing Strategy: Discovering your Target Market Define your Ideal Client

Before you start marketing, understand who you trying to attract to your band. target market is a group of customers towards which a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise. A well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy.

Jantsch, J. (2006). Duct tape marketing: The world's most practical small business marketing guide. Nashville, Tennessee: Nelson Business.  

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The Secret to Financial Success: Living with Inconsistent Income

There is no secret to Financial Success, simply spend less than you make. Financial Success, Budgeting, Inconsistent Income, MINT, Dave Ramsey, Saving and more! It can be difficult to run a small business where the income and the spending changes from month to month. What is the solution? How does one grow their business and not go into debt? 

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