The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Over 200 signals are believed to influence where your webpage comes up for a particular search. Although the signals fall into broad groups (e.g. content on your website), the large number of signals also means that no one signal is likely to significantly affect your SEO. 

In this table, the factors are divided into two major categories, subdivided into seven subsections:


  • Content
  • HTML
  • Architecture


  • Links
  • Trust
  • Social
  • Personal

You have the ability to directly influence the on-page factors by the selection of your website tool and the content you create on your website. By contrast, the off-page factors are influenced over time by the links and bonds you help build and cultivate. For example, if you want people to link to your website, you need to have compelling content and as well as a marketing effort that lets people know the content exists. Simply having good on-page factors will not lead to good SEO. You must engage in link building, participate in social media, and publish content frequently to improve your SEO. The on-page factors are things you can change immediately. By contrast, off-page factors take time to build and more time for those factors to be considered by the search engines.